Body Butter
Hi Mr.Sasson [Our CEO]

Thank you for your quick reply. I am the mother of two young boys aged 2 and 4 months old. Both of my sons have a skin condition called X-Linked Ichthyosis. It is caused by a gene mutation or deletion and there is no "cure." One of the aims of treatment is to reduce scaling by removing the excess, flaky scales, and keep the skin hydrated. This can be achieved using a variety of topical creams. If we don't constantly put lotion on our boys skin resembles a lizard or snake, and it starts shedding off in chunks(giant flakes). We bought some of your olive oil body butter at our local Winners store a couple years back when my oldest was a couple months old. He has allergic reactions to many lotions and creams but for some reason no reaction to your body butter. When we used it up we went and bought all the tubs we could find at Winners. We lotion his whole body 4-6 times or more a day. When we ran out and couldn't find anymore, we ordered through your site (under my husbands name, Jose Conuecar). We got five tubs and used it so fast. We later found another Winners selling it and bought all there tubs. We are almost out and cant find any at local stores and are about to put another order online. We are very impressed with your body butter and now we use it on our youngest as well. I have mentioned to many people in Canada through our forum about your body butter. My boys still need to also use Aquaphor and steroid creams but your body butter is phenomenal and like I said it is used on both boys 4-6 times a day. Through our support forums, we learn more about this condition and what works for people. We also learned many companies in the United States help families who need to use an excess of there product (namely Aquaphor). We were wondering if you have any program available for people with serious skin conditions that benefit from your product? Or if your company offers any type of benefits if we order a certain amount of product from you? As well do you have any type of samples of your other body butters? We find the olive oil one works so well, but are unsure how the other kinds would work or if our kids will react or not. We look forward to ordering from you for many years to come, as long as our kids skin continues to stay hydrated with your lotion and reaction free. Our dermatologist was happy with the results and our boys appearance as well and we gave her all the information for your product. Regardless we are going to continue to order and are very impressed, but just wanted to see if there is any sort of help available as all our lotions, barrier creams and steroid creams do begin to add up quite quickly.

Thanks you so much for your consideration,

Belinda Kanis

Body Butter
Dear Delon: My name is Denise Vick, 52 years old.and I live in Michigan I have hunted all over to buy your Delon Coconut Body Butter and can't find it any where. A friend of mine gave me some as a gift and I just love it . It is the best lotion I have ever put on my body. I have sensitive skin and can't wear most lotions. After trying this I just love it my skin did not break out and It made my skin feel so smooth and soft and not greasy. I want more but here in Michigan I am not able to find It. Can you please help me as to were and if not here how can I ordered some and what is the cost? Winter is coming so if it worked that great after sun bathing I know it will be more wonderful in the Winter as our skin dries out from the cold. Thanks for you help in this matter. And I am looking forward to using your wonderful product some more. Sincerely, Denise


Cocoa Butter Intense Moisturizer
Hello, My daughter has the skin disorder ezcema and we bought your product from target Body Butter Cocoa Butter Intense Moisturizer. I seems to be the only thing that keeps her skin moist and soft. Target has informed us that they will no longer be selling your product. Can I get this particular product direct or has it gone completely out. Thanks, Tery.


Body Butter 6-pack Costco
I have dried hands, particularly in winter or when I garden -- my fingers crack and it is very painful. A friend suggested your product. I would like to order some. I have been to Costco, and they do not have it, and there it comes in 6-packs. Don't think I need that much ! Please tell me how much it costs and the shipping costs as well. Thanks so much, Cam.


Body Butter Olive
I live in Nevada, and we are in a very dry desert climate with temperatures reaching over 100 right now. Where is the nearest place I can find your olive body butter. We are desperate. We love your products and have bought many of the butters, but this spray sounds absolutely perfect for what we want. Thank You! Miki


Body Butter Costco
I wanted to tell you how much I love your Body Butters. I started buying them at Costco, in Kamloops, B.C. in 2007. That year you had a four pack of your 200 mL containers. As our winters are very dry, causing my skin to itch badly, I found that your body butters were the only product that worked for me to stop my skin feeling that way. In December 2007, your package at Costco, contained both a pump and jar style of your butter. I found the pump style to be difficult to work properly, and a lot of product was lost at the end. I prefer your 200 mL jar style as I am able to get all of the product out. Is Costco the only store in the Kamloops area that carries your Body Butters? I have not seen it anywhere else, and it is only available around Christmas time. So far, my favorite is the Olive Oil fragrance. It is very neutral and you can wear perfume with it and not have it clash with the body butter fragrance. I just wanted to compliment you on this product and give you some feed back on the pump style dispenser. Regards, Barbara Cabana

Body Butter Olive
Hello, I have been given a tub of Delon+ olive oil body butter and I'm wondering where in British Columbia I can purchase more as I've never heard of the product before. It works wonderfully on my dry skinned ankles and shins in the winter. Far better than the other product I've been using for years thinking it was the best I'd found! Thank you, Lorraine


Body Butter Costco
Hello, my name is Teri, Ive been using your body butters for 1 year now. I purchase them at Costco when you have them, and soon I will be purchasing them in bulk. I am a Massage Therapist and actually it was one of my colleges that introduced them to me. Since using your product i have not used much of my oils, which one has saved me lots of money. Not only on oils but on sheets as well, it is non staining, glides perfectly, doesn't soak in to quickly nor leaves the skin oily, my clients love it, and have told me it has made a big difference in their skin, it has taken care of their dryness, leaving their skin soft and supple, the scents are to die for. Our favorites right now being the summer is your coconut, mango, tropical fruit passion, they have mentioned its like getting a massage in paradise. I have my own personal stack.. and get lots of compliments. The scent stays awhile, its very relaxing and soothing. I enjoy using it in my practice as well as personal and even have my daughter hooked. I want to thank you for making such an awesome product that not only takes care of the skin in soo many ways but have to say has even helped my practice. Keep up the great work and look forward to checking out your platinum body butters and your pumps perfect for a Massage Therapist. Sincerely, Teri