About Us

Delon Laboratories is with you every step to develop your beauty and health product and provide turnkey or contract manufacturing solutions.

Who We Are

Delon Laboratories is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical production manufacturing plant providing quality cosmetics at reasonable prices. We manufacturer our house brand of products under the Delon name but namely we do contract packaging and private labeling for major companies.

Where We’re From

We have been actively participating for over twenty years at Trade Shows such as NACDS, PLMA, ECRM-EPPS. Established in 1942, our group of companies manufactures personal care products, employing over 200 employees.

What We Offer

We provide our customers with convenience of offering them a one stop shop to product development, as all aspects of production are done in house.


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All our premium products are produced in Montreal (Canada) and are manufactured according to strict USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Guidelines, as used in products such as Vapor Rubs, Ice Gels, and Hospital Cotton Balls. We have recently made substantial Plant & Equipment Investments in our new state-of-the-art Cotton Facility in Montreal. Our Iris division has been supplying premium cotton rounds (pads), swabs, and puffs. Iris enjoys a respected on-going reputation of 99%-service levels with its customers.


We have a R&D/QC laboratory where we do all the development of new formulas as per customer requirements. Every product starts off in the Laboratory and is developed and designed for manufacturing. Following Quality guidelines that ensure finished product stability and consistency. Essentially we can develop an extensive amount of products for our customers at their request.


OEM, or Private Label, offers professionals the opportunity to build and grow their business. You, the business owner, controls markup, merchandising and product promotions. By offering a line of products sold under your own name or brand opens the can grow your profitability and business value.

We offer one a collections of in-stock product and packaging and will work with you if we don’t have in stock what you need. We’re here to help you with product selection, setup process and ordering.


We understand that the quality of our products is not only a reflection of our company but also of our valued customers. That is why quality is the focus and the responsibility of every employee at Delon. Delon Laboratories, guarantees you of the highest quality standards in all aspects of manufacturing your product. We have experienced quality control and a quality assurance staff. To achieve the highest quality standards, Delon has implemented and maintains the following and we provide complete documentation