Our Laboratory


We have a R&D/QC laboratory where we do all the development of new formulas as per customer requirements. Every product starts off in the Laboratory and is developed and designed for manufacturing. Following Quality guidelines that ensure finished product stability and consistency. Essentially we can develop an extensive amount of products for our customers at their request.

Product Design

Product conception is done by a team of product development crew . We develop the product from conception, to design to functionality, to formulation etc. We also take care of the artwork for the customer as we have a group of artist that do create digital art for the customer to see what he is getting.

We can develop many cosmetic products as per request, and have a bank of about 30 years of formulations we have sold in the past that we can offer to launch.

Batch Making

We manufacture batches using the finest raw materials. And our raw material suppliers are validated as per GMP regulations. Batching, Filling, Capping, Labelling, boxing, are all done in house and release as per our QA department and its specification.



R & D

Our R&D capabilities include formulation of cosmetics, toiletries, topical nutraceuticals, natural products and cotton products based on key/new ingredients that meet customer’s requirements for product innovation, performance attributes, and cost.

We are committed to constantly investigating new technologies and trends to produce products that will give your company the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Delon Laboratories is proud to retain the expertise in the area of cosmetic sciences. Our team of highly skilled, technically competent personnel, located in a modern, well-equipped laboratory.

Experienced in all facets of product research, formulation of complex multi-component products, technology transfer issues and reducing costs of formulations.

Extensive sample library of new, innovative, cutting edge products and new technologies. Bring us your ideas and concepts and our experts will bring them to realization.